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  • war002
  • An Ideal Euphemistic

An Ideal Euphemistic is Wardriver's first collective release, and a small showcase of some of the talent featured on the label. A pretty eclectic mix of rock, electronic, and orchestral tones, An Ideal Euphemistic is pretty awesome and stuff. Enjoy!

(Cover art by Eon Blue)

  1. Beaten Bishop - Treedom
  2. Px - Lookin Around
  3. Skrypnyk - Mumbo Jumbo
  4. Masterbeta - Nightwatch
  5. OverCoat - Cups
  6. MF Snakes - Grizzly Adams
  7. Injury - Sneaky
  8. Suzumebachi - Park City
  9. Monobrow - RhoTroiKa
  10. ILLiterate - Who Watches the Watchmen
  11. Tyberius - Sorry I Wasted Your Time